Can you discuss details about cars and racing for hours? 

Are you psyched to get up as early as it takes to catch the perfect sunrise in a remote location?

If you said yes to either of those questions, you have come to the right place. Welcome to RKC Creations!

I am Ryan Carignan, a Nashville-based freelance writer, and photographer. Following a distinguished career as an officer in the US Air Force, I spent three years as the Business Manager for the Porsche Club of America’s (PCA) Club Racing program.

I have loved cars since I was a kid, so being plugged into one of the world’s largest car clubs was the perfect environment to realize what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

The opportunity to write several articles for PCA and to shoot at some of the best race tracks in America made me realize what I needed to do every day. A relocation to Nashville provided a clean slate, and I began a commercial photography program at Nossi College of Art to take my hobby-level skills to the professional level.

I am also an avid traveler, having visited every state in the US and 20 countries. Most of my US travel has been by car, with dozens of road trips crisscrossing the country. The highlights were a month-long, 6,000-mile trip in a Corvette and a two-month, 7,000-mile tour of the southwest in my Boxster. You can read about some of those trips on my blog here.

Examples of my published works are here.

Maybe you’d like to listen to my guest appearance on the Cars Yeah podcast here.

If you need someone who loves the automotive and racing industry and knows a thing or two about travel for an article, or a photo shoot, contact me at ryan@rkccreations.com. I am always ready for the next adventure!

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